Courtney Runnels, MS, LPC – S

Courtney is a licensed professional counseling supervisor specializing in First Responders and their families.  She has experience working with chronically mentally ill adults, as well as persons in crisis and those affected by trauma.  She has worked with multiple police departments in various roles including training, communication, and Crime Victim Coordinator. She has also worked with a mental health agency, serving as a liaison between law enforcement and the chronically mentally ill.

Courtney serves as the Crisis Peer Support Manager and Wellness Coordinator for the Grand Prairie Police Department. She is a crisis interventionist and a liaison between law enforcement and the community. She is the mental health professional on the Negotiation team, and is a trained hostage negotiator.  

Courtney’s clinical and professional background includes:

  • S. in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Stephen F. Austin State University
  • S. in Psychology from Texas A&M Commerce
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Certified anger resolution therapist
  • EMDR trained

In addition to Courtney’s accomplishments as a trauma professional, Courtney is a wife and a mother.  These titles define her most prized accomplishments, as family is the center of her purpose and her why. Courtney specializes in EMDR, solution focused and CBT therapy.