Robert Casale, MA, LPC

Senior Regional Manager, South Texas

Rob Casale is a retired police officer, firefighter and paramedic, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor, who provides a significant amount of experience and insight into mental health as well as providing a positive mindset to assist in managing life goals and wellness. 

His experience as a police officer, firefighter and paramedic, as well as his work with the health and wellness of First Responders through wellness checks and crisis intervention, gives Rob a unique understanding as a clinician.    

 As a public servant, Rob has experienced the rewards, anxieties and the stress that goes along with this role and is fully committed to helping other First Responders and their loved ones experience healthy, fulfilling lives.   

Rob’s clinical and professional background includes: 

  • M.A. Degree in Mental Health Counseling  
  • B.S. degree in Law Enforcement Management and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. 
  • Illinois State Certified Law Enforcement Instructor  
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist  
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice 
  • Texas Department of Public Safety 
  • Police Officer-Patrol Division City of Chicago Police Department 
  • First Responders Wellness Center 
  • Hanover Park Fire Department 
  • EMDR Trained  

As a Senior Regional Manager, Rob is committed to the growth and development of comprehensive cognitive and physical wellness for First Responders in the state of Texas and the unique stressors that are encountered by First Responders.  Rob has a strong commitment to lifelong development skills and enjoys sharing his knowledge and life experience to better assist people who require treatment for trauma and mental health.