“I love Dr. T’s lectures. The education of how stress affects the brain and our mood and behaviors, and education on how to talk to someone in crisis.”

“Dr. Heather Twedell is simply the best of the best in North Texas when it comes to First Responder Brain Health Wellness.”

“Dr. T is everything as advertised and then some.”

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything. One of the best if not the best classes I have been to in 20 years.”

“Every Chief of Police, Sheriff, FBI Special Agent in Charge, command staff, and all first responders need to take this life improving training, and utilize these evidence-based tools to live healthier and happier lives.” 

“Every department in the Nation needs to come to this. I wish my dad and many others I’ve known through my 20 year career could have had this to help.”

“Our whole family is in the F1RST program and it has changed our lives.”

“Therapy with Dr. T has made me a better spouse, father, and firefighter.”

“Dr. T comes from a family of First Responders and it shows during the training.”